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Monthly reflections published on the Cois Tine Website. 
Special thanks to Carol Dorgan for her work in researching
material for these.



The Gift of Generosity – Reflection For St. Brigid’s Day

  St. Brigid's desire: "... to satisfy the poor, to banish every hardship, and to save every sorrowful person." GIFT OF HOSPITALITY  - Reflection for St. Brigid's...

Easter Reflection by Fr Michael McCabe SMA, Provincial Leader

"When I first visited the Falls in Easter 1976, I felt - like Moses before the burning bush - that I was standing on...

Choose all that will bring life

Recently a friend working with refugees, told me “We are getting asylum seekers now from Syria and Iraq”.  The United Nations Refugee Agency reported...

St Parick – Immigrant and Saint

Each year on March 17, Irish people the world over celebrate the feast of St. Patrick.  His own life seems to fade out...

Overcoming Frontiers

January 2015 has seen little easing of violence in the world at large. And not just “far away”. Not many weeks ago there was...

Would I, be prepared to give them shelter?

Would I be prepared to give them shelter?We have begun a new year: 2015. What will we celebrate and what will we hope for?...

May it be a “Happy Christmas” for everyone.

In the midst of the deafening roar of pre- Christmas shopping: “Black Friday”, “Cyber Monday”, cut-price temptations everywhere, it is very hard to perceive...
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Walk in their Shoes

Walk in their Shoes Official Ireland has always regarded immigrants and asylum seekers as problems. That is why legislation emanating from the Department of...