WE MUST BE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE – Reflection for April 2010


EASTER MESSAGE – Reflection for April 2010

Easter has come, and Christians all over the world celebrate the new life, and the new creation, that the Resurrection brings, not just personally, but as Pope Benedict said in his Easter Message, also “socially, in our surroundings, our neighbourhoods, our countries, and in our world.”

Gandhi once said; “we must be the change we want to see around us”. These words are an inspiration now, as we live in crisis times for the Church, the economy and for our entire society!  Easter shows what can happen when we are prepared to move beyond our self-imposed limitations!  The tomb is empty; there is no point in seeking the living among the dead! As new persons, we are challenged to accept the newness around us: new faces, new languages, new cultures, and to create a new society, becoming ourselves, “the change we want to see happening”. We can do this in the strength of our faith in the Resurrection, which alone overcomes death.  Here is hope for the world that the Pope has expressed, and it challenges us to make our prayers great ones:

In the strength of the risen Jesus, may the conflicts in Africa come to an end, conflicts which continue to cause destruction and suffering, and may peace and reconciliation be attained, as guarantees of development. In particular I entrust to the Lord the future of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea and Nigeria.

May the Risen Lord sustain the Christians who suffer persecution and even death for their faith, as for example in Pakistan. To the countries afflicted by terrorism and by social and religious discrimination, may He grant the strength to undertake the work of building dialogue and serene coexistence. To the leaders of nations, may Easter bring light and strength, so that economic and financial activity may finally be driven by the criteria of truth, justice and fraternal aid. May the saving power of Christ’s resurrection fill all of humanity…, so as to build a future of love and truth in which every human life is respected and welcomed.

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