The SMA have a special mission to the people of Africa. We recognise that Africa faces many injustices including unfair trade relations and debt burdens that obstruct human development in Africa. Additionally, Africans and people of African descent in Ireland often face racism and prejudice.

The SMA stands against racism and the exploitative use of Africa’s resources.

Therefore, the society of African Missions commits to:

  • Proactively seek the presence and involvement of Africans, lay and clerical, in the life, work and activities of the SMA as a practical witness of our commitment to equality and inclusion.
  • Build its capacity to undertake advocacy and awareness raising of economic justice for Africa.
  • Increase its capacity to challenge racism and especially racism against Africans in Ireland through networking and campaigning.
  • Support financially or materially projects that enable of promote the inclusion and integration of Africans in Irish Society.

The SMA Justice Office works in collaboration with the OLA Justice Office, AMRI Justice and the Africa Europe Faith and Justice Network Ireland to raise awareness of issues negatively affecting Africa and Africans and to campaign for a just response to them. This is done through the publication of information in print and online and through organising and running events, workshops, webinars and campaigns.


How the SMA advocates for Africa and People of African Descent

In 2022/23 the SMA and the OLA Sisters, as members of the AEFJN – have advocated for the strongest possible Corporate Due Diligence legislation that would require companies to ensure that Human rights abuses, such as human trafficking or damage to the environment does not occur in their Supply Chains. This involved organising online and in person events based around the Trocaire Make it Your Business Video at which participants were encouraged to write to the Minister and MEPs.

Trocaire - Make It Your Business

UN Committee for the Rights of the Child – Review of Ireland.

On the 24th and 25th of January 2023, the UN’s Committee on the Rights of the Child reviewed Ireland during its meeting in Geneva. A joint submission made by the OLA Sisters, other congregations and the SMA contributed to this review of Ireland which examines how well the Convention on the Rights of the Child is being implemented in Ireland and the steps taken by Government to ensure that every child’s rights are protected.


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