In a small rural and very remote settlement, four hours from Ndola in the northwest of Zambia a teacher and a farming community are determined to educate their children.  Their current building is a broken down ill-equipped, mudbrick building that is not fit for purpose.  Thanks to the mobile phone the teacher was able to send a video and a request for help to SMA’s in Zambia and while on a return visit to Ndola, the mission area where he worked for many years, Fr Anthony Kelly undertook the task of going to see for himself.

Much of the journey was over bad wet-season unpaved and muddy roads.  Then having literally running out of road, continuing on foot on a track to the settlement where the school is located.  There he saw the situation, met members of the Parent Teacher Association and some of the children.  It soon became obvious that there would be many obstacles and problems to overcome before the new school could become a reality.   Now however, there is progress, a plan is in place and work, although only just beginning, has started.  There are many willing hands – both Zambian and Irish.  Hopefully, the problems will be overcome and work planned over the coming months will progress, leading eventually to the school being completed.  Our video tells the story of the journey, the place, the difficulties and plans to overcome them.

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Potholes in Road to School

Remote School4

The School

Fr AK -Zambia Dec2022 (13)

Fr Anthony Outside School

Fr AK -Zambia Dec2022 (16)

Class of Children and Teacher

Fr AK -Zambia Dec2022 (17)

Fr Anthony Kelly


"Broken down roof, no desks, no books, half-built walls.. They'd like to go out and build the school in a few weeks... but it'll all depend on whether this bridge can be repaired and whether that roadway can cope with the challenges there.”

Fr Anthony Kelly SMA.

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