The Love of Chirst towards Migrants


“urges us (cf. 2 Co 5:14) to look afresh at their problems, which are to be met with today all over the world. ……Migration therefore touches the religious dimension of man too and offers Catholic migrants a privileged though often painful opportunity to reach a sense of belonging to the universal Church which goes beyond any local particularity. To this end it is important that communities do not think that they have completed their duty to migrants simply by performing acts of fraternal assistance or even by supporting legislation aimed at giving them their due place in society while respecting their identity as foreigners. Christians must in fact promote an authentic culture of welcome capable of accepting the truly human values of the immigrants over and above any difficulties caused by living together with persons who are different. “
                                                                                Erga migrantes caritas Christi 39

Lord, forgive us the times we have ignored those in need,
or refused a welcome to those you have embraced.
Strengthen us with your grace, open our hearts,
that our thoughts, words and deeds,
may reflect your love for the neighbours you set before us,
for you live and reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit,
one God, forever and ever.

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