mo_farahMo Farah is now a household name. But not until this year’s Olympic Games in London, where he won two gold medals in running for Great Britain.   Mo Farah is from Somalia and came to the UK as a child.  African born athletes also gained gold for the United States, as well as for their own countries of course.

This is just one small example of what people from other countries, in this case, the African continent, can give to their host country. We are all the beneficiaries of those who come to our shores from abroad. It is only a very narrow minded person who would want to keep “Ireland for the Irish” or “England for the English” or “France for the French”.

It seems that Mo is a real inspiration not only to Somalians in the UK but also to those back at home, where he is giving hope to so many young people. It has been said that his display of his faith has shown to the rest of Britain that Somalis can remain true to their Muslim beliefs while fully integrating with the wider society. This is such a precious contribution, even to the cause of global peace. For us it can be the same: the more fully our African and other friends who have sought asylum here can be allowed to integrate fully within our society, the greater the contribution our whole nation can offer to peace between religions and societies.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Carol Dorgan

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