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To be missionary with all my heart …
To neglect nothing that might advance the work of God .
To seize every opportunity to preach the Gospel…
Mgr de Marion Brésillac SMA



Baptism is our first call to be witnesses of Jesus Christ.

Confirmation endorses that call to be Christian.

But maybe… just maybe, God is calling you to something more… perhaps to give your life in his service. To be a missionary!
Do you feel the God may be calling you to give that something more? Maybe it is that life is not fulfilled for you.
Many SMA priests and brothers would admit that they feel they wanted to do more for God. To do something special with their lives.

God is present in each one of us. And each of us too has a yearning to draw closer to God. To develop our relationship with God. The priest or brother in a special way respond to that call to be close to God, to be one with God. Priests and brothers give their lives being the instruments of God reaching out to the world, saying YES to his call, renewing the face of the earth, transforming our world, transforming the condition of people in our world.

If you feel you could be part of that mission, we invite you to consider becoming part of our SMA missionary family 
Further information about the SMA Formation theory
Further information about our SMA Formation programme  


If you want to know more about becoming part of our SMA missionary family please contact  the SMA House nearest you: 
SMA Houses in Ireland  
email the SMA Communications Director at [email protected]   

Please provide some basic information about yourself – name, address, age, education, religious denomination, work experience etc. so that you can be put in contact with the correct person.



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