Calavi celebrates 20 new SMA members

SMA welcomes 20 new members

The anniversary of the death of the SMA Founder, Bishop de Brésillac, was celebrated with the admission to temporary membership of twenty more seminarians at a colourful and joyful Mass on 25 June last at the end of their International Spiritual Year (ISY) programme. The ceremony took place at the Centre Brésillac, Calavi, Benin Republic.

Calavi oath 25 June 2013 www

After a short holiday each will be assigned to an experienced SMA priest who will help initiate them in the work of missionaries, a Stage experience.

They are pictured above with the Formation staff and other SMA priests who are working in Benin Republic.

The new members come from Benin, Central African Republic, DR Congo, India, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria, Poland, Tanzania and Togo. There are five SMA priests responsible for their formation: Basil Soyoye (Bight of Benin DF, Nigeria, who is the Superior); Raja Lourdusamy (Indian DF), James Shimbala (Great Lakes DF, Tanzania), Pierre Garreau (Lyons Province) and Wilfried Kouijzer (Dutch Province).

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