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africa_satelliteAFRICA – Climate Change
there is an order in the universe which must be respected, and that the human person, endowed with the capability of choosing freely, has a grave responsibility to preserve this order for the well-being of future generations…. the ecological crisis is a moral issue.”  Pope John Paul II, World Day of Peace message for 1990

Africa produces less than 4% of the world’s greenhouse gases yet nowhere else are the effects of global warming more visible. Greenhouse gases produced thousands of miles away in the Northern hemisphere are having a detrimental effect on the lives of people in Africa. Lake Chad is half the size it was 35 years ago and the Sahara desert is advancing at the rate of about six kilometers per year, chewing up twelve million hectares of land annually.  Added to this is the increasing frequency of extreme weather events and climate related disasters such as floods and droughts with accompanying famine and land degredation.

Climate change is a problem created by the industrialised, western world but it is Africa and Africans who are paying the price with their land, health and lives – this is a grave injustice.  

feetGlobal Warming:  What is it? What Causes it? What effects does it have? What are the solutions?  Clear and brief answers to all of these questions are given on the National Geographic Website – Click here

Africa – Climate ChangeSMA Justice Briefing No 22

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 In 2011 the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, one of the oldest scientific institutes in the world, issued a sobering report on climate change.  In their declaration, the working group calls, “on all people and nations to recognize the serious and potentially irreversible impacts of global warming caused by the anthropogenic (caused by human activity) emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants…” Read Summary (first 5 pages) and the entire report here

“Let us be renewed by God’s mercy, let us be loved by Jesus, let us enable the power of his love to transform our lives too; and let us become agents of this mercy, channels through which God can water the earth, protect all creation and make justice and peace flourish….May the risen Jesus bring comfort to the victims of natural disasters and make us responsible guardians of creation.
Pope Francis Urbi et Orbi 2013

We can:
Be Aware – Learn about Climate Change.
Join or support a group working or campaigning on climate issues.
Promote family and sustainable farming.
Live in a more energy efficient and sustainable way i.e. reduce our energy consumption, reduce wastage of water, food, buy eco-friendly, fair-trade products and recycle.  


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