Justice issues climate change-climate facts


Below are comparative carbon emission figures for some African and other countries. The figures are tonnes of CO2 per head of population per annum.  

Tanzania: 0.11, – Kenya 0.28 – Ghana 0.31 – Nigeria 0.78 – India 1.17, – Italy 8.4
UK: 9.2 – Germany 10.75  Ireland:10.89 – Saudi Arabia: 10.96 – Canada 17.86 
Australia 18.17 – USA: 19.66.   For more information see www.breathingearth.net

 – Africa is, on average, 0.5 degrees C warmer than it was a century ago.   But the latest research suggests that some places are more than 3 degrees C warmer than just 20 years ago.

– Rising temperatures mean shorter growing seasons, lower yields and also the spread of diseases such as Malaria and other climate-related health risks. Extreme weather events i.e. storms, flash floods and droughts are more likely.

– Desertification and water shortages and consequent migration will further increase conflict and political instability exacerbating existing challenges such as endemic poverty, governance and institutional deficiencies, ethnic and political divisions.    

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