SMA Lay Association Albino Support Project

Early in 2017, some information was received from the SMA Regional Superior of Tanzania, Janusz Machota SMA, outlining the extent of the increased persecution of Albinos, especially children and the SMA plans to build a home for some of those children to give them a safe place to live and allow them to receive an education, SMALA has been involved in supporting and fundraising for a few projects in Zambia following a visit there by some of its members in 2005, and is actively supporting an SMA project in Ibadban Nigeria, but had no previous association with Tanzania. At the time SMALA was exploring various areas where they might become more active and when the report from Janusz was shared with SMALA members, they immediately and unanimously agreed that this was a project with which they wanted to be associated. An Easter egg raffle was organized and raised more than £1400 and an awareness raising leaflet produced. Further fundraising is planned for later in the year, by which stage it is hoped to have an updated report from Janusz on the progress of the project.

See Fear & Loathing: Albino Africans Survival in Tanzania Click here

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