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Arms proliferation in Africa has happened for three reasons:

because weapons and ammunition are illegally imported.

because weapons imported legally are then illicitly diverted either within countries or across borders to neighbouring states.

because exporting countries have irresponsibly exported arms into areas where there is a high risk that they will be misused.  

In Africa this illicit trade is mainly limited to light weapons such as assault rifles, machine guns, mortars and grenades. These have caused an alarming increase in casualties and helped to sustain and fuel conflicts across the Continent.

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Global Conflict and the Arms Trade Read More 
For an overview of this topic as it affects Africa click on this link to the SMA Justice Briefing
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An Arms Trade Treaty at last:  After seven years of negotiations the UN General Assembly has finally agreed a binding Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).  Although it is far from perfect the treaty is a welcome step forward, it opens the way for future improvements and hopefully will have a positive effect in reducing arms proliferation in Africa.   –  Read More

Small Arms Factsheet:  (prepared by AEFJN) Small Arms2






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