Human Trafficking – Law Enforcement – TIP Report Video 4

Today we bring you the 4th in a series of six videos based on the Annual Trafficking in Persons Report (TIP) published by the US State Department in June 2021. Globally recognised as the most authoritative information on human trafficking it ranks each country based on their anti-trafficking efforts.

Todays video, No 4, looks at anti Human Trafficking Law Enforcement in Ireland. This highlights the efforts by the Garda Síochána to identify human trafficking and prosecute the traffickers.  We draw attention to the priority recommendations in the Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report. Unfortunately, the Irish Government falls short on all of these.

For ease of access other videos published  during the last three days are also available here. 

4 Human Trafficking – Law Enforcement in Ireland.

3. Ireland’s Ranking in the Trafficking in Persons Report.  




2. Human Trafficking in the Global Pandemic. 

1. Human Trafficking – What is it?

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