Republic of Angola

Area: 1,236,700 sq. km.
Population: 10.8 million.
Population Growth Rate: 2%
Capital: Luanda
Head of State:
President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos
Independence: 11 November 1975
Ethnic Groups:- Ovimbundu 37%, Kimbundu 25%, Bakongo 13%, Mestico 2%, European 1%, other 22%
Religions: Catholic 38%, Protestant 15%Indigenous beliefs 47%

Angola is located on the western coast of Africa from just south of the Equator to just north of the Tropic of Capricorn.

Italian SMA priests established our presence in Angola in 2000. Later they were joined by an SMA priest from the Lyons Province (France). They now work in two dioceses:

Diocese of Caxito
Erected: 6 June 2007
Area: 25,133
Bishop: Antonio Francisco Jaca SVD

SMA Presence
5 Italian SMA priests work in two parishes and a quasi-parish in the diocese.

Fr Walter Macalli ministers in Nuambuanongo; Frs Renzo Adorni, Seferino Cainelli and Luigino Frattin are in Bom Pastor parish, Kikolo while Fr Angelo Besenzoni is establishing a new parish (San Isobel) from Kikolo.

Diocese of Dundo
Erected: 9 November 2001
Area: 103,130 sq. kms.
Bishop: Jose Manuel Imbamba 

Address: CP 73
Lunda Norte
Telephone: (052) 64 474

SMA Presence
Fr Christian vanBunnen, (Lyons Province,France) is Assistant Priest in Kafunfo parish. He previously worked with the same ethnic group on the other side of the Angolan border, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Address for all of SMA priests is
Paroquia di Bom Pastor, CP 14748, Luanda, ANGOLA

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