Ivory Coast

Abidjan skyline with St Paul’s Catholic Cathedral in the forefront

Republic of Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

Area: 324,000 sq km
Population: 17 million.
Population Growth Rate: 2.2%
Capital: Yamoussoukro (Political)
Abidjan (Commercial)
Head of State: President Laurant Gbagbo
Independence: 7 August 1960
Ethnic Groups: Akan 42%, Gur 18%, Northern Mendes 16%, Krous 11%, Southern Mendes 10%, Others 3%.
Religions: Christian 25%, Muslim 38%, indigenous beliefs 37%
SMA involvement in Ivory Coast: There are 38 SMA missionaries working there. There are 13 student members there.
There is one SMA Region:
– Cote d’ivoire
Regional Superior:
Fr Gerardo Bottarlini (Italian Province)
Fr Jean-Guy Martel (Canadian District)
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