Republic of Benin

Area: 112,600 sq. km.
Population: 7 million.
Population Growth Rate: 2.9%
Capital: Porto Novo (Official)
Coutonou (Government)
Head of State: President Boni YAYI
Independence: 1 August 1960
Ethnic Groups: Fon, Adja, Yoruba, Bariba and about 38 other smaller groups make up 99%.
Religions: Christian 30%, Muslim 20%, indigenous beliefs 50%
SMA involvement in Benin: There are 36 SMA missionaries working there.
There is one SMA Region combining Benin and Niger:
– Benin/Niger
Regional Superior:
Fr Michel L’Hostis (Lyon Province)

Fr Jean-Baptiste TRAORE

SMA missionaries work in six dioceses:

Archdiocese of Cotonou
Archbishop Marcel Honorat Léon Agboton
Archbishop Emeritus Nestor Assogba
01 BP 491
Telephone: +229 300145
Fax: +229 300707
@ [email protected]

Archdiocese erected on 14 September 1955
Area: 3,222 square kilometers

SMA Presence
There are 12 SMA priests in the Archdiocese:
Four live and work in the Regional administration, based at the SMA Regional House in Cotonou. They also assist in surrounding parishes as requested.
There are four priests in the St Bakhita’s Parish, Calavi.
One priest works with Street children in the city.
Four are on the formation staff at the SMA International Spiritual Year programme, Centre Brésillac, Calavi.

Archdiocese of Parakou
Archbishop Fidèle Agbatchi
BP 75
Telephone: +229 610254
Fax: +229 610109

Prefecture Apostolic of Parakou: 13 May 1948
Diocese of Parakou: 10 February 1964
Archdiocese of Parakou: 16 October 1997
Area: 9,259 square kilometers

Francois Faroud SMA: Appointed 21 May 1948, Resigned 1956
Robert Chopard-Lallier SMA: Appointed 4 January 1957, Died 1962
André van den Bronk SMA: Appointed 13 February 1962
Resigned 29 Sep 1975
Nestor Assogba: Appointed 10 Apr 1976
Translated to Cotonou 29 Oct 1999

SMA Presence in the Archdiocese
2 SMA priests work in the Parish of Banikani
1 lay associate works in the archdiocese.

Diocese of N’Dali
Bishop Martin Adjou Moumouni
BP 45
Telephone: +229 610940

Erected: 22 December 1999
Area: 11,454 square kilometers

SMA Presence in the diocese:
9 SMA priests and one SMA deacon work in the Parishes of Bouaka, Kalale, Nikki and Perere.
One lay associate works in the diocese.

Diocese of Kandi
Bishop Clet Feliho (Appointed 29 January 2000)
BP 65
Telephone: +229 630005
Fax: +229 630101

Erected: 19 December 1994
First bishop was Marcel Honorat Léon Agboton
– Appointed 19 December 1994
– translated to Porto Novo 29 January 2000
Area: 25,534 square kilometers

SMA Presence in the diocese
Three SMA priests work in Banikoara parish
1 SMA priest works in the diocesan centre at Kandi
One lay associate works in the diocese.

Diocese of Natitingou
Bishop: Pascal N’Koué (Appointed 28 June 1997)
B.P. 102
Telephone: +229 821204
Fax: +229 821244

Erected: 10 February 1964
Former bishops:
Patient Redois SMA: Appointed 10 Feb 1964, resigned on 11 November 1983
Nicolas Okioh: Appointed on 11 November 1983, resigned on 10 June 1995
Area: 20,074 square kilometers

SMA Presence in the diocese
1 SMA priest is assigned to Kerou parish

Diocese of Djougou
Bishop Paul Kouassivi Vieira
BP 125
Telephone: +229 800196
Fax: +229 800066

Erected: 10 June 1995
Area: 11,126 square kilometers

SMA Presence in the diocese:
4 SMA missionaries work in three Parishes: Copargo and Djougou (2).
1 SMA missionary is Director of Formation at Centre St Ambroise.
2 lay missionaries works in the Diocese

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