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Advocacy for Justice 

The SMA supports campaigns focused on removing the causes and effects of injustice in Africa.

Faith and Justice:  Justice is integral to faith, for we cannot love our neighbour without treating them justly.  The God of the Old Testament and of Jesus Christ is a God who loves justice and righteousness.  Faith therefore, not only implies belief but also a way of life that seeks justice. As Christians we are called to seek and advocate for Justice and to speak out where injustice occurs. 

Advocacy to promote human development, to recognise the dignity of each person and to provide individuals with the opportunity to fulfil their God-given potential is an essential and integral part of being Chirstian.

The Aim of Advocacy is to bring about change inspired by the Social Teaching of the Church.  Change in attitudes, policies and practices that  lead to and build a more sustainable and equitable world. This puts people before profit and the future of our planet and humanity before short-term interest.   Advocacy based on Catholic Social Teaching aims to establish global justice where the dignity of each human being is respected and protected and where values such as solidarity, subsidiarity and responsibility are principles for building communities focused on the common good.

There are many ways to work for Justice

  • through Your prayecandle2rs  – see SMA Justice Office Prayer for Justice 
  • through participation in Justice and Peace groups or organisations (e.g.Parish Justice groups and Pax Christi).
  • by financially supporting the work of SMA Missionaries and agencies such as Trocaire.
  • by supporting Campaigns on specific justice issues organised by Catholic Agencies and Justice groups. 
  • by participating in events and protests run by these organisations.     

We can also advocate for justice via the internet. Development  and Justice Agencies frequently launch campaigns on specific issues.  These target TD’s, members of the European Parliament and International gatherings that can influence positive change.  Supporting these campaigns usually means adding your name and email address to a pre-written email.  This is easy to do an can make a big difference. In recent years such campaigns have had a positive influence on EU policies and practices allowing better access to medicines in Africa and more equitable trading practices – your email can help.

As a campaigner, you can be part of a global movement for change. Whether you have a minute or a month, join thousands of people worldwide by taking action today. For a Guideline to Campaigning and to what you can do see the CAFOD Campaigning page. By signing up to the campaigners e-news you can receive emailed alerts of new calls for action. Read More

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