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Researching, highlighting and publishing material to raise awareness of justice issues affecting African peoples.

Emerging from a period of despotism in the 1970s and 1980s Ghana has earned an enviable reputation for stable democratic government.  After decades of military rule, human rights and individual freedoms have been strengthened and the economy has been growing at a steady average of 6% a year. Yet another potential success is the discovery offshore oil announced in 2007. Read more:

Nigerians have much to feel positive about.    In the past decades democracy has strengthened and Nigeria has witnessed improvements in infrastructure, banking, communications and also greatly reduced its indebtedness.  It has however been dogged by social strife often caused by longstanding divisions within Nigeria’s diverse population.  These are visible and sometimes erupt along the intertwined lines of politics, religion and ethnicity. Read more:

South Africa:
South Africa can hold its head up high not only for its creditable performance on the field but also as the first African nation to host the FIFA World Cup.   RSA has shown that it can successfully host a tournament that has attracted 350,000 visitors and entertained millions of people around the world.
In the midst of all the tournament euphoria a note of caution was raised expressing fears that human trafficking, especially for the sex industry, would increase during the World Cup period.  Now that the World Cup has gone to Spain the problem of trafficking remains in South Africa and indeed in many African countries. Read more:


Water as a human right (to go with Food security)


Arms Control 
The vote in the UN General Assembly is the first time that Governments have voted on a resolution to develop an ARMS TRADE TREATY (ATT). The resolution now commits the UN to examine the ‘feasibility’, scope and draft parameters for a comprehensive, legally binding instrument establishing common international standards for the import, export and transfer of conventional arms’. Keep up to date with progress of the Treaty – read here.

Small arms – Fighting the proliferation of small arms in Africa. Read here.




Debt – add in Debt in Africa briefing – Debt ireland link


Affordable medicine

intro here        More here.

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HIV / Aids


Environment / Climate change 

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