About Cois Tine


MISSION STATEMENT: Rooted in the call of the Gospel to welcome the stranger, Cois Tine addresses the pastoral, spiritual and social needs of the immigrant community.

Cois Tine is a multicultural organisation that respects and promotes the integration of people from all communities, cultures and faiths. It works primarily with asylum seekers and refugees particularly those of African origin.

OUR NAME: The name Cois Tine or “ By the Fireside” in the Irish language was chosen, because in Irish culture it is a place of welcome, warmth and safety where people can meet, socialise, discuss and make decisions. Cois Tine’s aim is to extend a warm welcome to immigrants and to provide them with a place where they can tell their story, be listened to and can obtain the information they need in order to make informed decisions.

OUR LOGO: The flames symbolise the warmth and welcome that Cois Tine, our name (meaning “ By the fireside”) implies. Gathered round the fire are figures representing the diverse nationalities and ethnicities who are now part of our community. The Cross gives witness to our Christian motivation and to the fact that we see respecting, listening and caring as essential elements in our pastoral response to all who use our service no matter what their faith or beliefs.


nistration: Gerry Forde,SMA Justice Office, 021 4933475

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