33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time 2020 – Year A

15 November 2020

Proverb: 31:10-13, 19-20, 30-31
1 Thessalonians 5: 1-6
Matthew 25:14-30


As the liturgical year draws to a close, November days remind us of the end of times. The readings these days too remind us of the end of times.

Today’s Gospel sounds a note of caution… We must be ready. Entry into God’s kingdom should not be taken for granted. But we should be up and doing, not burying our treasure in the field.

The Christian way is about dedication to duty and work. It might be prudent to bury the talent in order to ensure it is not lost. But Christianity is not about being careful or being complacent or being lazy.  It is about using our gifts. It is about showing love. In a real sense Jesus is telling us not to be afraid to take a risk, to use our imagination, to take initiatives, to challenge our world and its attitude and values. The talent we have received above all is the Word of God and every one of us is charged with the responsibility to spread that Word, the Good News.

So we have to be up and at it. Using our talents for the good of the community. We have to get on with living, living in the light of Christ. While some might think it best to sit around and wait for the Lord’s Coming, that is not what Paul advises the Thessalonians. There is not much point in waiting because we do not know when the Coming will happen. Much better therefore to be wide awake and sober and preparing.

The Second Coming will mark a new Easter night of eternity… Believers will find the fulfilment of all their baptism means – meeting Christ, they will pass from sleep to wakefulness and from darkness to light. That is worth being ready for!

Fr Tom Curran SMA, Ranelagh, Dublin

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