Justice Issues-Access to Medicines

The availability of medicines is something many of us take for granted, especially in Ireland; we just get a prescription and go to a pharmacy. It’s not that easy in Africa – it is a great injustice that people are suffering and dying unnecessarily simply because they cannot get the medicine they need.  Sadly many of the reasons for this originate in the western world.

The links below lead to a series of articles on the issue of medicinces in Africa. 
Click here  For a general overview please view a twelve minute multimedia presentation with sound prepared by the SMA Justice Office.
Click here For a written overview
See the SMA Justice Briefing called “Africa – Access to Medicines” by clicking on Briefing No 9 in the Briefings section  

Click here  The  Africa Europe Faith and Justice Network (AEFJN).  Among the issues it campaigns on is Access to Medicines.


MSF Access Campaign

Access to Medicine Index 2012 shows more investment for the poor
The Access to Medicine Index ranks the world’s 20 largest companies according to their efforts to improve or hinder access to medicine in developing countries.  The Index, published every two years, by the Access to Medicine Foundation aims to stimulate positive change by publicly encouraging pharmaceutical companies to step up their efforts to improve access to medicine worldwide  Click here to view the index