World Day of Migrants and Refugees – Sunday 25th September

Lord, make us bearers of hope,
so that where there is darkness,
your light may shine,
and where there is discouragement,
confidence in the future may be reborn.
Lord, make us instruments of your justice,
so that where there is exclusion, fraternity may flourish,
and where there is greed, a spirit of sharing may grow.
Lord, make us builders of your Kingdom,
together with migrants and refugees
and with all who dwell on the peripheries.
Lord, let us learn how beautiful it is
to live together as brothers and sisters.

The last Sunday in September of every year is a day when Catholics worldwide are called upon to remember those displaced by conflict and persecution.

“Building the Future with Migrants and Refugees” is the theme chosen by the Holy Father for the 108th World Day of Migrants and Refugees (WDMR). Pope Francis highlights the commitment that we are all called to share in building a future that embraces God’s plan, leaving no one behind. It is an occasion to express concern for different vulnerable people on the move; to pray for them as they face many challenges; and to increase awareness about the opportunities that migration offers.

We remember the difficult journeys that people have to make, and how hard it can be to start again in a new country. We also remember the gifts of all the different cultures and how they have enriched our lives. Pope Francis calls this “beautiful diversity”. In his letter for the World Day, he asks us to build the future together with migrants and refugees, a place of inclusion and harmony in which they are recognised and valued for the contribution they make and the talents they bring.  Click here to read the full text of this letter. 

View the Video, Building the future with Migrants and Refugees: A future to build together,  via the play button below


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