What a cause for celebration!

SMA Bishop Nestor Nongo-Aziagbia of Bossangoa in the Central African Republic has spoken of his hope that with the departure of President Michel Djotodia a brighter future may be in store for his country. Slowly, businesses are returning to ‘normal’ and the amount of violence (which has been immense) is decreasing.

Background and report on the crisis in the Central African Republic.

At the same time, Bishop Nestor is caring for 50,000 internally displaced (IDP) citizens in the grounds of his seminary. They had fled their villages when attacked by the Seleka rebels. The former President had led an uprising against the previous government but when he, and his Muslim rebels, seized power Mr Djotodia was unable to keep control of his forces and they began a systematic pogrom of looting and attacking Christian churches and homes.

Bishop Nestor has written that many villages and homes have been destroyed as well as crops in the farms. Because of the lawlessness it is proving very difficult to get humanitarian aid to his IDPs as Bossangoa is far from Bangui, the capital, where most of the aid arrives. The road network is in very poor shape. It is estimated that there are more than 1 million IDPs in CAR, out of a total population of 4.5 million.

To help Bishop Nestor in caring for the IDPs click our Online Donate link here.

Under the list Please Choose a Cause click on Central African Republic IDPs. Your full donation will be sent to Bishop Nestor to help provide shelter, food and water for those living in his seminary compound. Many thanks for your support.

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