The Flower of Friendship

The Flower of Friendship

There is a flower that blossoms
In the meadows of the heart.
I met this flower out in a field
Out standing in crowds of grass.
‘Twas waiting in a January field
for the Sun’s autograph.

In Summer fields of plenty
It stood among the trees
From the palm of its opened heart
Gave perfume to ther breeze
And the nectar of its goodness
To passing honey bees.

Some flowers will wave
On sunny days
But will not last the year.
When the winds of life
Cut to the bone
They fold and won’t appear.

I saw my flower in winter fields
When other flowers had fled,
It stood among the failing grass,
Held high its petalled head.

But every flower will wilt and fade
In the meadows of the heart,
When the winds of death come up the road
Then all flowers must depart.

But the seeds have all been blown
Across the streams of death,
And in the Spring time fields of heaven
Have raised their flowering heads.

The above poem, written by Bishop Tim Carroll SMA, won Second place in a competition organised by Caring for Carers on the theme of Friendship.

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