10th Sunday of Ordinary Time 2008 – Year A

Reflection for 10th Sunday of the Year (A)…


Readings for
10th Sunday of Year (A)
8 June 2008

Hosea 6:3-6
Psalm 49
Romans 4:18-25
Matthew 9:9-13

A Thought for the day …

Unconditional love….

Matthew is an eyewitness of the unconditional love of God in Jesus his Son, a love that enables every one of us to rise from the dead – that is our human condition of sinfulness – and live once more as a child of God. 

In the passage today there is no mention whatever of Matthew having to convert and prove himself first before Jesus would welcome him. We can imagine Matthew’s amazement that Jesus would have called him.  Surely Jesus must have known how unworthy he was to be a friend of his, even more so a disciple.

That of course is precisely the point of the gospel.  It is not a question of worthiness.  It is a question of God loving us first without conditions.  It is as if Jesus is saying to each of us sinners ‘I look on you with God’s gaze of love and if I consider you worthy, that’s all that counts’.

Do we not pray in the second Eucharistic prayer after the Consecration: ‘We thank you Lord for counting us worthy to stand in your presence and serve you’.  So if God considers us worthy then why challenge or disbelieve it?

The only response to such love, compassion and forgiveness on God’s part is surely for us to have similar attitudes towards others in thanksgiving to God.

– Fr Jim Kirstein sma
Blackrock Road, Cork

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