Eleventh Sunday of the year 2008

Reflection for 11th Sunday of the Year (A)…

graphic of Jesus walking on water

Readings for
11th Sunday of Year (A)
15 June 2008

Exodus 19:2-6
Psalm 99
Romans 5:6-11
Matthew 9:36-10:8

“Who do you say I am ?”…

We Today’s gospel presents a beautiful picture of the compassionate Christ in action. Jesus  knows he won’t be around forever and wants his work to continue after his death when he returns to the Father.  So he shares his gifts with his disciples, ordinary people like you and me. He empowers these disciples to do the same work as he did. ‘He gave them authority and power over unclean spirits and to cure all kinds of disease and sickness.

Today Jesus has handed over the same authority to his Church – not just to priests or religious – but to all the people of God.  Of course, they will have different gifts but basically all are empowered by Jesus.  Each one of us, Christ’s followers, has the power to love, to forgive, to care, to create, and to give life.

But we also have the power to hurt, to do evil, to destroy and even kill. God gives us the power to change the world around us.  But depending on our use of power it can be for good or evil.  And Jesus shows us how to use this power for love, to heal, to show compassion, to forgive, to encourage…

Sad to say we can abuse the power or gifts God has given us.  And it is a great temptation for us all, no less in the Church. As parents or teachers we can be dictators to our families, our spouses or for our students.  Sadly the same occurs in big business, rich companies who control the world’s markets at the expense of the poorer countries. We have all heard too of the bullying that goes on in schools, business places etc.

The Good News of the today’s gospel is that Jesus, God, does not give up on us. God is very much awake showing his compassion through ordinary people, such as the Twelve chosen in today’s gospel, such as you and me and many others. It is humbling to know that God depends on each of us to continue his mission or love, forgiveness and compassion.




– Fr Jim Kirstein sma
Blackrock Road, Cork


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