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at the heart of our approach to our sma spirituality and lifestyle is that:

  • a spiritual life that is rooted in christ is the basis for our missionary apostolate.
  • this spiritual life is nourished by
    -the sacramental life of the church,
    -by the word of god,
    -by the spiritual traditions of our society,
    -by personal and community prayer.
  • this spiritual life manifests the link between faith and justice.
  • the sma lifestyle is marked
    -by the spirit of the beatitudes,
    -by joyful prophetic witness to the gospel
    -by an active presence among the marginalized.
  • the sma is open to internationality in a spirit of mutual respect, dialogue, listening and through the sharing of material, cultural and spiritual resources.

these core values drive us to aspire to the following in our spirituality and lifestyle:

  • spirituality
    • inspired by the life and writings of our founder, reflection on the missionary apostolic spirituality of the society continues to unite us. this reflection, promoted through sma publications, seeks to clarify and deepen our missionary apostolic spirituality in the light of our lived missionary experiences.
    • our missionary spirituality energizes our missionary activity. it is enriched through sharing on our lived missionary experiences, and through the spiritual riches both of the cultures we come from and the cultures we live and work with.
  • lifestyle
    • each sma member is either part of a community of life or of an apostolic community. these sma communities support all their members, including those in positions of responsibility. they are characterized by openness, hospitality, and sharing. they show particular concern for new members.
    • these communities are actively involved in promoting jpic issues and continue or initiate a concrete project of sharing with the marginalized.
    • these communities maintain links, as close as possible, with sma members who, for one reason or another, are unable to take part in the life of the community.
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