Sabriana was introduced to a man called Yani by a neighbour in her village as someone who would help her to a better life in Western Europe.  She would earn good money, have a new life and be able to send money home to her elderly mother and father.  She agreed to pretend to be married to the man and went with him using false documents he procured.  But what began as a journey of hope soon became a living hell.

As soon as she reached London she was beaten and abused, she was locked up, told she would be put in jail if the police caught her.  Yani forced her to sell sex.  Foolishly she hoped for the best because she did not want to believe that it could get worse.  It did when Yani sold her to another man and she had to work in brothels and clubs.  Without documents escape was almost impossible, she was controlled through a combination of promises, lies, threats and violence.  She was even told that her parents would be killed if she tried to escape.  Months later she was sold on again and was moved to Dublin from where she was regularly sent to “visit” provincial towns.  After a severe beating Sabriana decided she had to get out. She escaped and arrived in a Garda Station afraid, bruised, with broken ribs and teeth.

Sabriana’s saga is not yet over.  She is now in the asylum process. She lives in fear that the “owner” who beat her will find her again.  She fears being deported and also that her parents will suffer because of her escape.

It is estimated that over 400,000 women and girls are trafficked into and within Europe every year. Sabriana is one of the many who’s suffering and misery is unimaginable.     Back to Human Trafficking

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