Republic of Togo

Flag of Togo

Area: 56,700 sq km
Population: 5.4 million.
Population Growth Rate:
Capital: Lome
Head of State: President Faure Gnassingbe
Independence: 27 April 1960
Ethnic Groups:
37 groups – largest being Ewe, Mina and Kabre – are native African 99%, European and Lebanese 1%
Indigenous beliefs 51%. Christian 29%, Muslim 20%

SMA involvement in Togo:
There are 16 SMA missionaries working there.
5 from African District-in-formation
3 from Poland
1 from Italy
7 from France (Strasbourg District)

There is one SMA Region:- Togo

Regional Superior:
Fr Jean-Baptiste Musa Bino (ADF – Dem. Rep. of Congo)
Vice-Regional: Georges Klein (france)

SMA work in:
Archdiocese of Lome
Diocese of Sokode
Diocese of Kara

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