Reception of Bishop John Moore SMA in Wilton

Homily of Fr Dan Cashman at the Reception of the remains of the late Bishop John Moore SMA at St Joseph’s (SMA) Church, Wilton, Cork on 22 January.

Bishop John Moore was my classmate and friend.

I feel that one of his characteristics that all of us can confirm was his great sense of humour. Wherever he was, Ireland, Kwande, Jos, Bauchi .. that place was a ‘laughing place’ because John could squeeze humour out of most situations.

We are also aware that ecclesiastical honours sat very lightly on his shoulders, for this down to earth, practical human being was able to cut through the pomp, grandeur and the ‘episcopal speak’ and grasp the basics. He was a pastor first and last and for him the diocese of Bauchi was just a larger than usual parish.

His faith and courage was tested in dangerous times as he kept the Christian community united and strong, while inter-religious riots and killings rocked Bauchi State. He stayed at his post and with his people when he was needed, unconcerned for his own safety and security. He never wavered in his commitment to his people and to his mission to build up a self-sufficient and viable diocese.

For the laughter and happiness he brought into our lvies, for the example of his faith, courage and ministry we thank God and say ‘Well done, John Moore’.

For this man of fallible faults and 44 years of priestly ministry I believe that God the Father will affirm our judgement of Bishop John and say “Come you good, honest and hardworking servant, join me in my eternal laughing place!”

May the soul of Bishop John Moore and all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace.


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