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Fr Malachy Flanagan SMA


“I came to know of SMA from Fr Peter Devine SMA who comes from my parish. When I felt I wanted to be a priest he encouraged me to become a missionary with SMA”

“I am drawn to missionary work… I feel attracted to reach out to the most abandoned… to be a messenger and instrument of hope… to build up a local indigenous church… to help people in their struggle against illiteracy and injustice and lack of basic health facilities”.

Fr Malachy has spent most of his missionary life in areas of Primary Evangelisation in the Borgu area of Ilorin Diocese and now in the Vicariate of Kontagora where the bishop is Bishop Tim Carroll SMA. He has therefore been working at the frontline of the missionary apostolate, in areas where the Gospel is yet unknown, telling people for the first time about the love of Jesus Christ.

At present he is engaged in administratve work as the Secretary/Chancellor of the Vicariate. This is mainly routine office work and the day-to-day running of the Vicariate, including the adminsitration of its finances. ” I get very few opportunities for direct pastoral action. However, at week-ends I help with parish work. I am responsible for diocesan building projects and for many water development projects which I supervise regularaly. In the dry, desert conditions around Kontagora the provision of clean drinking water is a necessity. The Vicariate makes a huge contribution to well-digging and water purification systems”. Malachy also finds time as advisor to the diocesan Laity Council.

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1962: Born at Old Mellifont, Co Louth

1980-1989: Studies with SMA Wilton & Maynooth with one year on Stage in Ibadan, Nigeria

1988: Permanent member of SMA.

1989: Ordination

1989-1995 Ilorin Diocese, Nigeria

1996-date: Kontagora Vicariate, Nigeria

Fr Malachy with his mother and Fr Nelson SMA (Ghana)

Fr Malachy Flanagan SMA
P O Box 178
Niger State
Tel: (+) 234-67-220776
e-mail: [email protected]

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