Philippines: necessity is the mother of invention…

Fr Gus O’Driscoll continues to channel aid to two parishes in Tacloban – Leyte, thanks to the donations arriving through our Donate Online facility. As it is difficult to get supplies through due to the destruction of roads etc and the high cost of hiring lorries they have resorted to a novel way of sending help. Here is part of an email he sent giving an update on how Fr German Patiga is getting on after eventually reaching his family and how they are now sending supplies to Fr German’s parish of the Holy Family, Pawing.

I spoke with Fr German very briefly this evening, but it keeps cutting out, so no proper conversation is possible. Texts are better, though still incomplete ( “part of text missing”).

We sent a small truck load of relief goods from here about an hour ago, which hopefully will get on the bus leaving from north side of Manila tomorrow morning. We pay the fare of 10 passengers, so the goods can be loaded on those seats, as ‘occupants’!  Its the best way we have found so far.

To help Fr Gus and the people in the Philippines click here.

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