This week we bring you the fifth and last Missionary Voices Podcast in this series. 

Sr Juvenale Yevide OLA who lives and works in Maradi, Niger speaks with Mr John McGeady, former Justice Officer for the Sisters of Our Lady of Apostles and Mr Gerry Forde, Justice Officer for the Society of African Missions.  This podcast was recorded before the recent political changes in Niger.

This episode delves into the far-reaching and consequences of climate change in Niger and Burkina Faso, which is driving a significant rural-to-urban migration trend.  This migration is not only reshaping the social fabric of communities but also affecting crime rates, and perhaps most concerning, pushing teenage schoolgirls into early marriages.  Sr. Juvenale provides  a perspective that sheds light on the unique struggle of women and girls in the face of environmental change.

If there was one thing that came across very strongly from all five speakers in this series, it is the fact that climate change is already having a very significant and negative impact on land, livelihoods and societies in countries across Africa and that this is likely to increase.

We hope and pray that Pope Francis latest Exhortation, Laudate Deum helps to inspire action for change that will lessen the unjust effects of Climate Change in Africa.

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This link also gives access to the previous podcasts in this series. 

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