Core values

Motivated by the Gospel of Christ and faithful to the charism of our Founder in the mission entrusted to us, we will give prophetic witness to the compassionate love of God for the world (cf. John 3:16). Attentive to the ever-changing signs of the times, and in a spirit of openness and dialogue, we will cooperate with local churches, and with all who share our objectives. We will exercise, chiefly among Africans and peoples of African origin (cf. SMA Constitutions & Laws, art. 2), a ministry of service and empowerment.


1 Primary Evangelisation and inculturation

  • The SMA will review its apostolic commitments in the light of the gospel, the SMA charism, and the missionary priorities of the local churches.
  • In fidelity to our charism, SMA members and associates will be willing to proclaim the gospel and establish christian communities in places where the need for missionaries is most urgent. Priority will be given to areas of primary evangelisation in all appointments of SMA members.
  • The SMA is ready to cooperate with local churches, especially in Africa, in their programmes of inculturation.

2 Other apostolic activities

  • The SMA will continue to be involved in diocesan pastoral programmes in a missionary spirit.
  • The SMA will propose to members, who are returning to their countries of origin, apostolic activities in line with the SMA charism and priorities, both within and outside SMA structures.
  • The SMA will continue to coordinate all efforts to promote the use of the media in the service of its apostolate at every level of the Society.

3 The promotion of human values

  • In cooperation with other organisations, public and voluntary, notably the African networks (AEFJN and AFJN), the SMA will continue to involve its members and associates in initiatives on behalf of Africans, especially refugees, street children, aids victims and other marginalized groups, both within and outside Africa.
  • The SMA will support the peoples of Africa in their efforts to change unjust structures and to create structures in keeping with the dignity and rights of all men and women. In cooperation with other groups, the SMA will seek to remedy injustices, which arise within the church or from church practices.

4 Inter-religious and ecumenical dialogue

  • In spite of the difficulties involved, the SMA will strive to promote a better understanding of Islam and to cooperate with Muslims.
  • SMA members and associates will acquire a thorough knowledge of the languages, cultures, and traditional religions of the peoples among whom they work, especially in Africa, in order to facilitate a betternderstanding of them and more effective communication with them.
  • The SMA will strive to promote ecumenical dialogue and cooperation with the various Christian Churches.

5 Collaboration

  • In their various ministries, SMA members will continue to cooperate at all levels with the local church, other missionary institutes, the laity, and SMA associates.
  • in cooperation with diocesan programmes, the SMA will intensify its involvement in the empowerment and training of laypersons for leadership roles in Africa.
  • the SMA will develop general criteria for lay associate members.
  • The SMA is open to the various forms of lay association (juridical and non-juridical) in all its units.

6 Missionary and Vocations animation

  • Drawing on the riches of our experience and relying on our network of friends and benefactors we will develop our involvement in the missionary animation of our local Churches and communities.
  • We will develop the use of media as a means of missionary animation and of communicating the Good News.
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