In a democracy, political leaders must reflect the diversity of the Country

Abuja (Agenzia Fides) – “I think even the most optimistic Nigerian must conceive that we are nowhere near coming to define the real sense of democracy”, said His Exc. Mgr. Matthew Hassan Kukah, Bishop of Sokoto, in his speech at The Platform, an annual conference organised by Covenant Christian Centre in Lagos, on 1 October to mark the 60th anniversary of Nigeria’s independence.

The Bishop stressed that democracy is not just about the proper conduct of elections, but also about the appropriate choice of political leaders who, in a federation like the Nigerian one, should involve all social classes in the Country.

“Beyond just going through the process of cycles of election, we have a very serious problem with recruitment methods”, said Mgr. Kukah. “Reflecting federal character should be like viewing ourselves in the mirror and celebrating our diversity because the table is big enough to occupy everyone”

“But when you don’t have that and you put all your apples in one basket, naturally you cannot make headway, because you’re violating the constitution and thinking that we are in a democracy”.

“We need to very quickly reset the template if we are to take our place after 60 years of independence. If we are unable to provide our people with water, food, light, security, then it is a tough call. I am not a happy Nigerian, but I remain a hopeful Nigerian”, concludes Mgr. Kukah. Before the Bishop of Sokoto, other Prelates had criticized the management of the Country, and the dangers it is heading towards (see Fides, 1/10/2020). (L.M.) (Agenzia Fides, 3/10/2020)

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