Help Rural African Women campaign

Change her life campaign – help rural African women

farming_africa_smallTake a minute to change a woman’s life. 

Every mother is a working mother but doubly so in Africa. 

In addition to raising children, carrying water, collecting firewood and cooking African women also do 80% of the farming.

Please take a minute to support the CHANGE HER LIFE CAMPAIGN aimed at increasing funding support for women within existing budgets for agricultural development in Africa.


Women make an enormous contribution to rural development and food production in sub-Saharan Africa. Yet African women currently receive as little as 5% of the available supports – training, access to inputs, to land, and to farm credit.

By ring-fencing funding for women, you will be giving millions of rural African women a fair deal, and also helping to increase food production in sub-Saharan Africa by up to 20%.

Visit  for more information.

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