Dromantine Novena 2012 homilies

National Novena in honour of the Little Flower, Patroness of the Missions

23 September – 1 October 2012

Fr Maurice Kelleher SMA was responsible for the organisation of the SMA National Novena in honour of St Thérèse of Lisieux. Each evening those making the Novena attended Mass in the recently refurbished Chapel, dedicated to St Patrick and St Theresa. A variety of speakers, lay, religious and priests, gave a reflection / homily each evening which were very well appreciated.

Some of our preachers have kindly made their texts available to us for publishing. Click on the links below to read them.

Sunday, 23 September – Sr Carmel ClarkeWhat if?

Monday, 24 September – Mr Tony HannaThe life of Louis Martin

Tuesday, 25 September – Fr Fergus Tuohy SMAGod’s love of Creation

Wednesday, 26 September – Fr Fergus Tuohy SMAMissionary life today

Thursday, 27 September – Sr MercedesEucharist & Service

Friday, 28 September – Sr Carol Breslin MMMSuffering in the Christian Life

Saturday, 29 September – Rev Patricia McBride – Healing Life’s hurts

Sunday, 30 September – Fr Patrick O’Rourke SMA – St Thérèse’s Way to God 

Monday, 1 October – Fr John Denvir SMA – Feast of St Thérèse



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