Dromantine Novena 2012 Day 2

Dromantine Novena 2012 – Day 2

Focus on the life of Louis Martin, father of Thérèse

Mr Tony Hanna, is the Director of Pastoral Renewal & Family Ministry for the Archdiocese of Armagh. He shared a reflection on the life of Mr Louis Martin on the 2nd evening of the Novena in Dromantine.

During his presentation he highlighted the following points:

Louis Martin:
• Successful business man
• Man of prayer
• Loving father
• Someone who suffered—loss of wife, “loss of daughters” as they entered Carmel
• Teacher and formator of Therese. Taught her to pray, took her often to visit the Bl. Sacrament with him.
• Later loss of health, dementia, paralysis… accepted all with equanimity.

Important ministry happens in Church – sacramental moments – but most ministry happens outside in real life concrete situations.

When were you aware of God in your life today? Did you think of him at all? If you did, be grateful. If you didn’t, be aware that you didn’t.

The prophet Isaiah reminds us “The Lord wakes me each morning to listen like a disciple.”

We learn our faith and our relationships with God from our roots, from our family situations.

Thérèse was hugely influenced by the witness of her father (and mother). They became icons for her – parents “more worthy of heaven than earth”.

Who are you influencing?

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