Conflict resolution in Kenya

For several years, the Shalom Center for Conflict Resolution & Reconciliation [SCCRR] has been working to end the cycle of violence in the tribal lands of Eastern Africa.  To this end it organizes workshops, trains tribal leaders in conflict resolution and encourages sustainable human development, for example, through the building of schools powered by solar energy in remote areas historically troubled by violence.

Founded by Frenchpark-born [Co Roscommon] Fr Padraig Devine SMA it has built up an impressive network of contacts to fund this work. Assisted by Fr Oliver Noonan SMA [from Cork City] they employ a large team of local staff who are able to analyse the causes of particular conflicts, evaluate and propose methods to resolve the regular outbreaks of  violence taking place, not only in Kenya, but in neighbouring countries where Shalom has been invited to use their expertise to help local communities and stakeholders resolved their difficulties.

The Irish Times has just published two articles on the conflict by journalist, Bill Corcoran.

Saturday, 30 July 2016 article.

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