An Environmentally Sustainable Lifestyle – Video Message of Pope Francis for September

Pope Francis asks that we lead a simple and ecologically sustainable lifestyle

In the Pope Video for September, Francis issues an urgent exhortation for us to question our lifestyles and the way we use the planet’s resources, in order to propose a change based on responsible care, respect, simplicity, and austerity.

In this month of September, the month of the Season of Creation, the Holy Father addresses once again the environmental crisis humanity is traversing. Emphasizing how “young people have the courage to undertake projects for environmental and social improvement,” he calls us to question the way we live and how we use the material goods of the planet—“often harmful to the Earth”—and he asks us to change, advancing “towards lifestyles that are simpler and more respectful of the environment.”

 The full text is given below. To view video click on the paly button.

It makes me very happy to see that young people have the courage to undertake projects for environmental and social improvement, since the two go together.
We adults can learn much from them, because in all matters related to care for the planet, they are at the forefront.
Let us take advantage of their example and reflect on our lifestyle, especially during these moments of health, social and environmental crisis.
Let us reflect on how the way we eat, consume, travel, or the way we use water, energy, plastics, and many other material goods, is often harmful to the earth.
Let us choose to change! Let us advance with young people towards lifestyles that are simpler and more respectful of the environment.
Let us pray that we all will make courageous choices, the choices necessary for a simple and environmentally sustainable lifestyle, taking inspiration from our young people who are resolutely committed to this. And they aren’t foolish, because they are committed to their own future. This is why they want to change what they will inherit at a time when we will no longer be here.

Pope Francis – September 2021

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