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AEFJN – the Africa-Europe Faith and Justice Network

The AEFJN is a faith-based international network mandated by 48 Catholic Religious and Missionary Institutes working in Europe and Africa. Founded in 1988 it promotes fair economic relations between Africa and Europe.

AEFJN is directed by an Executive Committee, elected among the member Institutes of the network. An international secretariat, based in Brussels (Belgium), co-ordinates the activities of the network, does advocacy work and lobbies the European Institutions on issues affecting Africa.

Groups of Religious in African and European Countries, known as AEFJN antennae, represent its concerns on national level, while a contact person in each of the member Institutes’ administrations, integrates its objectives in the JPIC programmes of the Institutes.

The AEFJN ANTENNAE (national groups) create awareness among Christians and religious, do advocacy and lobby towards the national governments, on issues relevant to Africa.

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Irish Antenna of AEFJN: >>>here

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