Active Apostolate

SMA Active Apostolate

Fr Eddie Hartnett off to his outstation on the Lagoon in Badagry, Nigeria

The 150 year-old apostolate of SMA continues. 400 SMA members work in various apotolates in Africa today.
They work in sixteen countries and come from various countries reflecting the internationality of the Society. 85 of them are Irish.

Their work is in primary evangelisation and in development.

Their work is in the rapidly expanding urban apostolate of the big cities as well as in the traditional rural areas.

They care for the spiritual as well as the material needs of our less well-off brothers and sisters in Africa.

They live among

  • people in need of education, health and medical facilities;
  • people living in slums and overcrowded conditions;
  • people suffering from effects of drought and water shortage, famine, poverty;
  • people with HIV-AIDS and other diseases.

They need support for maintenence and transport, to build churches, schools, clinics, bridges and wells, to care for refugees, street-children, the homeless,


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