2nd anniversary of Fr Maccalli’s abduction

Today, 17 September 2020, we are particularly mindful of our kidnapped SMA brother, Fr Pierluigi [Gigi] Maccalli who was taken from his Mission in Bomoanga, Niger, on this date two years ago.

Last April, a short video of Fr Gigi was released, showing him to be alive and still in the hands of his abductors. At that time, Fr Antonio Porcellato, SMA Superior General, told the FIDES News Agency that “The news fills us with joy and hope” and he asked all of us who have been praying for Fr Gigi to remain steadfast in faith and to wait with hope for Fr Gigi’s release.

Let us redouble our prayers for Fr Gigi, his brother SMA’s [particularly in the Italian Province] and most especially for his own family and friends who feel his absence so keenly every day.

Our Lady, Queen of Africa, pray for him.

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