Together, we are stronger

At a time when we hear much about a vocal right wing anti-immigrant movement in Ireland we are delighted to bring you this short video that celebrates the positive and needed contribution made by immigrants.  The video was produced by Actionaid with the support of the St. Stephen’s Green Trust.

The video highlights the stories of migrants in Ireland and their crucial role in making the country a better place for all.

Inspired by work that Actionaid does with women living in Direct Provision who have reported increased racism and discrimination, the video is a heartwarming tribute to the migrants who have come to Ireland in search of safety, security, and a brighter future for themselves and their families.

For Ireland to flourish, we need everyone to flourish individually. This requires first and foremost that all policies are grounded in human rights; that all people have an adequate standard of living, including adequate shelter; that we have access to education and employment, that we can express ourselves freely and live without fear; that we can belong to a community and nation that cherishes us.

This video is a tribute to those that are forced to flee their country. It is a song for an inclusive Ireland, free from racism, where everyone can live in dignity.


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