The Tanga House project is run by members of the Society of African Missions (SMA) in cooperation with Polish Loreto Sisters and SMA lay missionaries.  It provides a safe home for Albino children in Tanzania – who because of their condition are often stigmatised and excluded.  They are sometimes killed or subjected to violence and mutilation due to a superstitious belief associated with witchcraft that albino body parts can bring wealth.

Tanga House is a purpose built home in Mwanza on the shores of Lake Victoria.  It is not only a  place of safety it also seeks to interact and engage with the local community to promote the acceptance and integration of Albinos in the neighbourhood.  The project provides 14 young people, girls and boys with safety, education, good living conditions and above all with family care and love. It is also a base for wider outreach to promote the acceptance and protection of the albino population.  Tanga seeks to address the causes of prejudice, violence and marginalization of the albino population in Tanzanian society.  To be more effective and reach a wider audience the project cooperates with various groups and organizations as well as with the government of Tanzania.  The Project relies solely on donations to support its work.

Funds from the Irish SMA have supported this project.

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"Tanga aims to create a real home - not an institution - a place with a family spirit in which fourteen boys and girls, affected by albinism, not only find a safe home, quality education and good living conditions, but also the love of a community that welcomes these vulnerable young people and children.”

Fr Janusz Machota SMA, Project Leader.

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