SMA Parish Wilton supports the Field of Dreams

The Parishioners of St Joseph’s Parish Wilton have a long established a tradition of generously supporting charities down through the years. These have ranged from projects run by SMA Missionaries in African countries, to support for Ukrainian refugees and also donations to many local and national charities. 

In June donations from parishioners were collected for The Field of Dreams project run by Down Syndrome Ireland.  This project, begun in 2017, aims to meet the ongoing learning needs of adults with Down Syndrome across Cork City & County.

The project vision (and dream!!) is to provide opportunities for adults with Downs for ongoing learning and growth. To achieve this horticultural courses are offered at its 3-acre horticultural site in Curraheen, Cork city. These programmes, lasting between one and two years, are designed to meet the specific needs of the students. For some, this opportunity will move them towards a life of greater independence and self-reliance, for others, it will move them towards paid work. At present twenty-seven of those already trained are in paid employment.  In June this year 51 students graduated from the six training programmes provided.  

Recently Fr Michael O’Leary SMA, Parish Priest of Wilton Parish visited the Field of Dreams in Curraheen to present the funds collected.   Click on the play button below to view a 3 minute video recorded during this visit and edited by Mr Paul O’Flynn.

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