SMA International News – June 2024

Welcome to this edition of our international news which comes from Knock in County Mayo, Ireland.  The SMA pilgrimage to Knock has been one of the most important events in the calendar of SMA Irish Province for the last 44 years.

The shrine at Knock is a holy place, because Our Blessed Mother Mary, along with Saint Joseph, and Saint John the Evangelist, chose to appear there in the presence of the Lamb of God one evening in 1879. The apparition lasted two hours and was witnessed by fifteen people.  since then it has become a place of pilgrimage for  many Catholics.

“It is wonderful to be here again in Knock. The days of Covid prevented us from continuing the long tradition we had of making this pilgrimage.  It was always a great day for all our supporters and the members of the Family Vocations Community to come here to meet with the priests and to gather and celebrate together. Knock pilgrimage is still a very special and important event for all the members of the estimate family.”  Fr Malachy Flanagan the SMA Provincial Superior



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