Second Week of Lent 2008

Reflection for The Second Week of Lent (Year A)…


Readings for
2nd Sunday of Lent (A)
17 February 2008

Genesis 12:1-4
Psalm 33
2 Timothy 1:8-10
Matthew 17:1-9

God’s Plan for You?…

What is it like to set off out into the great unknown?  Leaving behind “your country, your family and your father’s house”.  Undertaking a journey to a vague destination “to the land that I will show you”.   In today’s First Reading that is precisely what Abraham did.  He sets off for the unknown country with only one conviction… that this is the plan of God for him.

And that is what the life of the missionary – priest, sister, brother or lay person – is today.  A call to trust in God.  To launch out into the deep.

This was so often the call of Christian marriage too.  A setting out on life’s journey into the unknown.  Leaving the security of the family home, getting married and not knowing what the future would be. And married life would have had its challenges, difficulties and dark times, perhaps sickness, unemployment or family tragedy… literally “for better or worse”. But faith and trust in God would have given the strength of fidelity despite doubts.

Today’s world demands certitude and security.  It refuses to confront the difficult.  The idea of a “call” to put trust in God is alien.  And so there is much marital breakdown.  There is even reluctance to enter marriage in the first place.  And to offer one’s entire life in the service of God as priest or brother or sister… well that really is the unknown and ought not to be contemplated at all!

But is that the way it should be?

No individual in the Old Testament had a greater impact on the pre-Christian era than Abraham.  And it all began with a “call” to leave the security and the comfort behind and “go the land that I will show you“.

– Tom Curran SMA
Blackrock Road, Cor


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