Ronan Mullen campaign

Ronan Mullen is running for re-election to the Seanad on the NUI graduate panel and would be very grateful for your help over the coming weeks. And for your No 1 vote!

Ballot papers go out by registered post on 21st March and voters must return them to NUI before 11 a.m. on 27th April.

As an NUI graduate you may not know how to get your vote. Ronan can help you on that. Read below

By the way … whatever the talk of abolishing the Seanad, it will operate for at least one more term. I would like to see the Seanad reformed, not removed. If re-elected, I will engage with new TDs and Senators on a range of issues affecting our country – in particular the human dignity issues on which I have worked over the last few years.

Rónán Mullen

Tel: 01 618 3930                          Email: [email protected]         


I can post you a printed-off section of the NUI register. For example, I can give you a printed list of:

 ·        all graduates with addresses in [Name a County]

·        all graduates with addresses in [Name a Town]

·        all graduates with addresses in [Name a Townland or Street]

·        all graduates with a particular [surname]

·        all graduates with a particular [degree]

·        all graduates with a particular [year of graduation].


NOTE: The NUI Register does not identify the particular college which a graduate attended.


Finally, I can email you a searchable copy of the NUI register on Excel to allow you check on computer whether certain friends and contacts are listed. 

A list of the NUI colleges is printed below.

FACTSHEET: Who is eligible to vote for the NUI Panel in Seanad Elections? 

Those eligible to vote in the Seanad election are graduates of the NUI universities and colleges who are:

(a) registered with the NUI;


(b) registered at their correct address.

However, a large proportion of NUI graduates are either not registered to vote or are registered at the wrong address. The NUI are happy to accept changes of address up to the time the ballots are posted out – so please get in touch if you wish to check at what address you or your contacts are listed.

Who are “NUI graduates”?

NUI graduates are graduates of the following universities, institutes and colleges:

College Name

Year of Graduation



NUI colleges


NUI Galway (UCG)

All graduates

NUI Maynooth

All graduates


All graduates


All graduates



NUI-recognised colleges




Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

14th July 1977 onwards

National College of Art and Design

1996 onwards

Milltown Institute

January 2004 onwards

Shannon College of Hotel Management

November 2000 onwards

Institute of Public Administration

July 2001 onwards

St. Angela’s College of Education, Sligo

13th April 1978 onwards



Graduates of colleges (who received NUI-recognised degrees)




St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth

1910 to 1997 (and graduates of NUI Maynooth hereafter)

Mary Immaculate College of Education

17th April 1975 to start October 1994

Our Lady of Mercy College, Carysfort

17th April 1975 onwards

St. Patrick’s College, Drumcondra

17th April 1975 to start October 1995

Thomond College of Education, Limerick

9th December 1976 to 16th December 1977

NIHE Limerick

11th March 1976 to 15th December 1977


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