Refugee Day Prayers

Suggestions for Prayers of the Faithful for World Refugee Day 

Some or all of the following could be used:

God our Father on our pilgrimage of life we turn to you in hope and confidence

For the leadership of the Church; that we may continue to be at the service of human mobility and pursue the globalisation of solidarity, caring for those who fall by the way side.
Lord Hear Us.

For those who gave generously in service our Irish Emigrants over the years. As we mark 50 years of service of the Irish Chaplaincy in Britain let us remember the many priests, brothers, sisters and lay people who cared for those who were forced seek a new life in Britain.
Lord Hear Us.

For those who come to our land, may they find a welcome, may they not be exploited and may they find a place to celebrate their unique culture. May the life of Saint Patrick remind us of the blessing and graces that a migrant can bring to our shores.
Lord Hear Us

We give thanks or those who continue to remember and look after elderly relations abroad. May distance not inhibit our duty to care for those we love. We give thanks for the benefits of new technologies that allow us to communicate more effectively and that give us the freedom to travel more frequently to spend time with those we love.
Lord Hear Us.

We remember those who die away from home. We remember those that have died without family or friend to accompany them in their last hours.
Lord Hear Us

We ask that our church communicates the gospel  by recognising and celebrating the rich diversity and giftedness of peoples and cultures among us.
Lord Hear Us

We ask for the courage of the Spirit to speak out on behalf of our brothers and sisters who are exploited and oppressed by unjust structures, violence and warfare, so that their human dignity will be respected and their human rights are protected.
Lord hear us

We pray that those seeking a new life and safety in our country, that they may find welcoming hearts and support among us, as they adapt to the challenges of a new environment and new way of life.
Lord hear us

We pray for our political leaders and legislators, that the transforming power of the Spirit will help them make decisions that create an inclusive and just society for all people.
Lord, hear us

We thank God for the gift of communication and pray that we use this gift to help us embrace diversity and so build bridges of friendship, love and service in our local community.
Lord, hear us

Spirit of God
Through the witness of our lives,
standing in solidarity with all peoples,
may we spread the warmth of your love,
the light of your wisdom,
and the fire of your justice,
so that all may live I peace and security.  We make these and all our prayers through Jesus Christ our Lord,

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